VAJRA VIDEO Productions Presents                                                                                                      
              KUDUNG BARWA :
                      THE BLAZING BUDDHa RELICS


Produced and directed by James ZIto
Original Soundtrack by Brian Melvin

After the Buddha passed away and his body had been cremated, the relics of his body were collected and venerated in the highest esteem. Since that time the veneration of these relics and the relics of the Buddhist saints that have followed in the footsteps of the Buddha has formed a core element in the practice and dissemination of Buddhism throughout its thousands of year old history in Asia and the world at large. 
Shot on location at important Buddhist pilgrimage sites in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia and featuring interviews with prominent Buddhist teachers and scholars, this project documents the beautiful, fascinating and profoundly mysterious world of the Blazing Buddha Relics. 
The documentary is available in two versions: The first is a 30 minute short free standing introduction to the topic of the Buddha Relics and their important role in the continuation and dissemination of Buddhist traditions and practices throughout history.  The second version is a full length “Director’s Cut” which includes the introduction but also includes more in depth examinations in greater detail of specific relic sites throughout the Buddhist world from Sri Lanka and Nepal to Myanmar, Thailand, Southeast Asia and beyond.  Expert narration by Peter Coyote together with dynamic footage of rarely seen footage of important Buddhist relic pilgrimage sites combined with a unique and haunting soundtrack by Brian Melvin provide the viewer with an intense visual journey through the deeply spiritual world of the Blazing Buddha Relics.
copyright 2017 Vajra Video Productions James Zitol